I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I like working at this company. It is so laid-back, very flexible, benefits all not bad and my boss is so nice and kind. Only the setback is, I have two colleagues. Sometimes I feel like I am their manager when in fact they are of manager level. Kind of not fair. YOU are being paid RM6k~ RM10k but you don’t know how to do your work. I can understand if they are new and they are trying to blend in, adapting to a new environment. But *sigh*. Sometimes I felt so fed-up, I wanted to tender my resignation. 

Never mind lah. Whenever this kind of situation sets in, I would always remind myself that you’re doing this because you are going to be a manager one day. And this is how you’ll learn – you’ll learn to be someone who walks the talk and not only knows how to talk but doesn’t know to walk the talk. Don’t be like these people. Don’t be like these people. 

I hope my boss sees what I am capable of and I hope so much I’ll get promoted next year. Amin amin!

P/S: LMAO. I guess I must blog pronto before the topic slips away! Just like this one. LOL


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