I forgot

I was in the car, driving to Taman U to deliver one box of Toujours Advanced to a customer. I was before that from the supplier’s office – been there the whole day as an observer as they were audited by an external party. Anyway, the delivery arrangement was at 6pm and then I texted the customer that I needed to postpone to 7pm because the meeting might end a bit late. She agreed. And I was forever thankful having encountered a not fussy customer like her.

While on the way, with moderate traffic jam – like always heading towards Skudai – I sort of had a conversation with myself.

I mentally talked to myself.

Of which something that always happens whenever I’m caught in a traffic jam. Sort of like a way to meditate myself so I can tolerate the horrendous jam.

And I was like telling myself ‘I have to blog about this! I haven’t been blogging for ages!! This is the timeeeee *semangat berkobar-kobar*’

I met the customer which turned out to be the person I will always work with when my team audit her company (the company she works at is also our supplier). Air of awkwardness lingered around us for awhile but we got over it. Had a chit-chat for a bit. Of course the question of ‘When will the audit be next year’ came into the picture. I replied ‘Oh, our audit plan has not been finalised yet!’ with laughs in between (not sure why I laughed though. I think I was caught off-guard by the question. Sort of reminded me that I was the customer when in fact, in that moment itself she was my customer. So I conclude that we are each other’s customer! LOL)

I drove back to my apartment. Thinking about the things I wanted to blog about. Parked my car. When I reached home, I did my laundry, cooked a simple dish and lied on the bed while playing with my phone.

After scrolling and scrolling my instagram feed I decided I should take a bath.

Put on my clothes. I went to the kitchen and prepared the dish and then had dinner in front of the TV.

After that, I took my laptop, logged into WordPress and…… I forgot all those conversation with myself that took place earlier. *Sigh*

Better luck next time.


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